Kamal is no doubt a unique talent. He has developed a method of training that is underpinned by scientific assessment (of popular methods) and pro-active innovation and implementation of new techniques. He promotes positive reinforcement via a systematic program that is designed to establish the relationship between the handler and dog. The You-Tube videos of Kamal at Crufts display fitting testimony to his training methods yet provide limited evidence of his knowledge and skills and his instinctive ability to assess and solve everyday problems. His performances outside the ring with the amazing Swag will live with me forever and I still consider them as some of the best heel-work I have ever seen. Sonic (his baby Spitz) and Scoot (of the famous personality disorder) are simply breathtaking. Watch this space. Kamal’s training philosophy is influenced by his love for dogs. Watch him interact with his dogs. He has designed a training method that achieves a specific objective by creating harmony and synergy between dog and handler. The outcome is an experience that the dog enjoys and the experience commands the dog’s undivided attention whether it involves working on the hallowed green at Crufts or simply crossing the road. Linda Rutherford, Winner of Crufts Dog Supreme Obedience Championships 2007, Winner of Crufts Bitch Supreme Obedience Championships 2010, Crufts World Cup Judge 2011


I have known Kamal since he was 12 years old, even at this age his enthusiasm towards dog training and his kind and helpful personality was obvious to anyone that met him, (he talked a lot and was forever asking questions) As he has matured his knowledge of canine behaviour has grown to a level which combined with his communicational abilities makes him one of this country’s leading dog trainers. His skills are coveted by many within our sport, from all corners of the globe. Kamal regularly holds training classes throughout the whole of the UK as well as spending time in New Zealand and Australia. He not only trains handlers in competitive obedience skills but also in many other disciplines concerning dogs. I am pleased to say Kamal is a trusted friend who has helped me develop my skills with my own dogs who work at various levels in open and Championship Obedience competitions. Wendy Hagger (Owner trainer of Ob Ch Aramisty Double O’Seven Crufts 2006 Winner)


Kamal was recommended to me by another agility trainer, i was apprehensive at first as as I wasn’t sure what an obedience trainer could teach me that would be useful for my agility dog. But in our first lesson, without any agility equipment, he really brought to light what my dog was missing and what i needed to work on and he put it in a very simple way that made me think that it would be easy to fix, whereas before i had almost given up and accepted the dog was as he was and I couldnt change him. Kamal balances the drive with the control, he makes the dogs crazy but also makes them want to work for you and not just think about the reward.Dave Munnings (FCI World Agility Championship Silver Medalist, Olympia and Crufts Agility Championship winner)


I have worked with Kamal with several of my dogs and have always found him to be a contientious and innovative trainer. He has found solutions to problems that I and others found difficult to solve. He does so with sympathy and has a refreshingly enthusiastic approach to his work. He is able to vary his methods dependant on the breed, the motivation of the dog and the ability of the handler. Many trainers I have seen over the years are ‘one trick ponies’, but Kamal has a toolbox stuffed full of solutions to any number of problems. An innovative trainer and a real ‘peoples person’ he can not only relate to the dogs but also the owners, realising some are not as skilled as others and will adjust his methods accordingly.?Gary Martin of Canine Solutions Dog Training and handler, owner and Trainer of Working Trials Champion ‘Tytri Roy’ Kennel Club Patrol Dog Champion 2010rs know a little more about you


I have known Kamal Fernandez for over 18 years, from a young boy he has developed into a very knowledgeable young man around our canine friends. Kamal’s training is based on positive re-enforcement methods and his knowledge covers several disciplines of the sport of dog training. Kamal has a real passion for training our four legged friends which is reflected in his own dogs and his continued enthusiasm and energy for teaching is inspiring. He is very honest with his approach to people and encourages the belief in one’s ability to succeed.Lyn Green, Championship Obedience Judge and trainer of multiple Obedience Champions


I first met Kamal in Sydney Australia where he held a weekend training seminar. I was very taken with his presentation skills, training style and genuine interest in dogs and handlers alike. I own Coolangatta Pet Motel & Camp Tailwaggers on the Gold Coast and for the last 10 years have contracted overseas Presenters for training weekends at my Camp. I invited Kamal to Camp the following year and the response from my Campers on his weekend was overwhelming. The following year I invited him back again for another weekend plus Private Lessons and also organised for him to visit several other States as well. He will certainly be back at Camp again next year. The responses I have had on all his seminars in Australia (and New Zealand) has been extremely positive. I have been involved in dog training for over 40 years and would have to say that Kamal is one of the top trainers I have ever come across. He not only talks the talk – but he walks the walk with his own beautifully trained dogs. I would highly recommend him as a trainer anywhere in the world.Ann Shannon “Annswitch Canines” at Camp Tailwaggers – Camp Director – Dances With Dogs Judge – 07 55 748292 – www.camptailwaggers.com.au


I have known Kamal for over 20 years and in all that time he has always asked questions and been hungry to learn. He has evolved as a competitor and trainer in not just obedience but other disciplines as well. I always enjoy watching him train/compete with his dogs. Having been on the receiving end of his first naughty dog Scrunch (bless her) he has trained a variety of breeds also. Motivation and the dog understanding what is required being paramount. He has an enthusiastic and practical approach. The fact he has ‘gone global’ and his talents are in demand is no surprise.Jenny Lunn (Owner and trainer of Crufts Champion 2009 Obedience Champion Longhalves On A High)


In a business where the motto ‘Never work with kids and animals’ is used, having handlers and dogs on set that you know can deliver when required is of paramount importance… I have used three of Kamal’s dogs on separate occasions for film and TV work, and can say that my reputation and name were in safe hands. I know that I can rely on Kamal and his dogs to get the job done and not only get the shot as required but also deal with any eventuality that may occur in a professional and courteous manner. I have received positive feedback from the directors/producers and crew on his dogs ability and conduct whilst on set. I would have no hesitation on hiring Kamal or his dogs for further roles.Kay Raven of Animals O Kay supplier of animals to film, TV, advertising and media and Crufts 2010 Obedience Championship Judge


In one word Kamal is FANTASTIC! I am fortunate to call Kamal my friend and mentor and I would highly recommend him. He is extremely passionate and truly dedicated to canine sports with exceptional and progressive ideas. Kamals’ input and guidance has supported me in achieving my personal goals. Over the last few years Kamal has made the long trip to Australia to present training seminars from beginners to advanced levels and to support the first Australian World Cup Team to Crufts. His methods and instruction are positive, inspiring and exceptional. His personal style is fun, friendly, open and honest. I have no hesitation to recommend his advice and guidance for those who wish to move forward in their training techniques and take your training to the next level.Suzie & Ink Greentree – Australia Suzie Greentree Crufts Obedience World Cup Australian Team member


Working Trials is now benefitting from Kamal’s knowledge and expertise with workshops and now a regular training group near Stansted, Essex. He shows handlers how to structure their training in such a way as to get the best from their dogs and also to think more about teaching and the learning process. He not only has a vast knowledge, I think he has a truly natural ability and infinite patience which I have never seen before in any of the trainers I have worked with over the years and his love of dogs is always evident. He motivates both dogs and handlers to want to achieve the best that they can be.Caroline Martin – Owner/trainer: www.caninesolutionsdogtraining.co.uk


I first met Kamal a few years ago, at a seminar held in Newcastle, Australia. I had never heard of Kamal before, but my good friend was excited to see him, so we travelled 9 hours with our dogs to see him present a two day seminar. WOW !! What an informative, exciting, seminar this was. The knowledge, experience, problem solving that was demonstrated was second to none. I enjoyed and admired the way Kamal looked at every problem with a fresh, positive solution. Kamal demonstrated new and exciting ways to train and problem solve for me. I enjoy his seminars every year when he returns to Australia, always increasing my knowledge from him. I wish he lived permanently in Australia, as his wealth of knowledge, charisma, motivation and problem solving expertise would be greatly welcomed. The opportunity to train with Kamal weekly or monthly would be second to none and I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to experience Kamal’s training methods, obtain his advice and guidance, and move forward with positive training in all your dog sports. Kamal has returned to Australia twice since we first met and I am fortunate to now call him my friend, he is a person that I admire and would recommend to anyone.Valerie Bulte – Activity Dogs – Australia – http://activitydogs.com.au


One of the most critical elements and strengths of UK style Competitive Obedience is the freedom of interpretation that is allowed within the rules compared to similar programs in other countries. The freedom of interpretation has allowed UK trainers to “think outside of the box” and develop methods and techniques that can only be classed as ground breaking. UK obedience has been the benchmark for competitive obedience throughout the world for so many years. The quality of training and trainers in the UK is envied throughout the world. One of the most significant and influential trainers of this generation is Kamal Fernandez. His ability to analyze training problems and to find suitable solutions is truly extraordinary. His understanding of modern reward based methods is second to none and his ability to communicate this to both human and canine pupils is remarkable. He is an excellent speaker and his style of teaching is very humorous, motivational and inspirational. I really believe that Kamal will be one of the greatest influences on Competitive obedience for many years to come and one of his courses or seminars should be on the bucket list of every dog trainer.Brian McGovern – Owner Chalkwell Boarding Kennels, founder Dutch Obedience Society and Dutch Obedience Championship Winner – www.chalkwellkennels.co.uk


I have know Kamal since he was a young lad. He is now and always has been a very enthusiastic trainer, keen to create a happy dog and handler partnership. Kamal is very receptive to learn new methods and consider the best training method to suit individual’s requirements.Lesley Olden – Three Time Olympia winner Large dog winner,and small dog Olympia winner – Owner of Two Agility Champions


Kamal’s workshops are inspiring, upbeat and very motivational. Many of us down here in the antipodes have enjoyed his positive reward based training over the last few years. He is a breath of fresh air to New Zealand’s competitive obedience training fraternity.Karen Browning, Auckland, New Zealand


I was lucky enough to attend a seminar with Kamal with my new puppy when she was around 6 months old. With some great advice from Kamal we got off on the right foot with heel work (so to speak). Twelve months later another session with Kamal smartened up my footwork. Two weeks after that we scored a perfect 200 in an obedience trial. I am sure we would not have achieved that score without Kamal’s help.Jake, Australia


What can I say about this instructor, fast, energetic, intelligent, inventive,inspiring, nice sense of humor, really wow what a bloody good guy. > First met Kamal 4 years ago, I already went to a lot of good trainers but he takes training to another level. > So many dogs and handlers are better since they attend a course, Guus with Gio, winner of two tickets in the UK, Danielle who qualified en won a ticket in 5 shows. He loves dogs and dog training and people and it shows by the way the dogs are full of confidence, motivated and really knowing their job. His level of understanding, relationship, attention and respect is outstanding. > Wish I was able to train with Kamal more, living in another country does not make it easy but each time when I go is so worthwhile the long journey Thanks for all your help and never ending patience, it took me (and I am not miss perfect in any way or form)and my dog to ticket and fingers crossed perhaps there is even more in the future.Trudy Groenenboom, Former Dutch Obedience Society Chairperson, International Seminar presenter


I have had the pleasure of working with Kamal over the last 2 years. Kamal is a very intuitive and astute trainer, able to instinctively pin point which part (s) of an exercise a dog is having trouble understanding, Kamal is then able to guide the handler into an appropriate direction of training which enables the dog to understand. One of Kamal’s greatest strengths is his ability to breakdown exercises into tiny increments which increases the dogs ability to understand what is being asked. I look forward to working with Kamal over the coming years.Joanne Meredith – Brisbane, Australia – Nationally Accredited Canine Behaviour Consultant – Good Dog Bad Dog Training Club (Owner/Founder) est; 2006 – Dances with Dogs Judge – Remedial Canine Massage Therapist (cert)